post2 “This place is amazing! A year ago, my son was scared of bad guys and monsters. He always wanted someone to protect him. He started working with Mr. B and Miss Niki and he’s a completely different kid. He wants to protect us now. He’s confident and believes he can learn and do anything. Thank you! Also, the kid who bullied him last year is now his friend because he learned to stand up for himself without having to fight, a life skill Mr. B taught him.”
– Emmy T.

post2 “It’s great to have a martial arts school in our neighborhood that not only teaches a quality art, but also emphasizes discipline and respect. I’ve been teaching karate for more than forty years and I don’t throw compliments around lightly. If I give a compliment it’s because someone earned it.Manny Bujold is a world champion competitor and a world-class instructor who lives to share the martial arts. I highly recommend Agoura Hills World Champion Karate to anyone who would study themselves, or would like to enroll their children.”
– Rich H.

post2 “Agoura Hills World Champion Karate gets 5 stars all around. The studio is extremely clean and well managed. The schedule and location are convenient and the fees are reasonable. But what makes this studio really stand out are the amazing instructors. They use the perfect combination of skill, discipline, and fun to help each child be the best he can be. I am so impressed by what my six years old has accomplished in just a few months here. Over the years, my kids have tried countless sports and activities. I can honestly say that our experience at Agoura Hills World Champion Karate has surpassed them all”
– Abby G. & Jennifer P.

post2 “After visiting a few other karate studios and not finding a good fit, a mother at my daughter’s school recommended Agoura Hills World Champion Karate. I am so glad she did!!! What an amazing studio. My daughter has been attending since she took a trial class which was almost 2 years ago. Mr. B is a really amazing sensei. He is very knowledgeable, extremely energetic, kids love him and truly respect him. Belts are not given away in this studio. You must work hard to advance to the next level, but when you get the new belt you definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. 

I know that my daughter has the ability to protect herself if any physical harm should come her way. This world would be a better place if Mr. B could clone himself and teach all children. I wish I could give more than 5 stars.”
Caroline B. 

review1-compressor “My five-year-old daughter, Brooklyn started karate a few months ago, and I can’t begin to properly describe the incredible journey she has been on since. When Brooklyn first started, she felt afraid, shy and resistant to the entire process. To be perfectly candid, she wouldn’t even look at Mr. B nor say a single word to him during their meet & greet. And though she teared up at the thought of returning to the studio, she did agree to try again, cry less and believe in herself more. Little by little, thanks to the incredible talents and hands-on guidance generously provided by Mr. B & Niki, she began to immerse herself into the group and believe in herself. Sure she ran off the mat sobbing more than a few times, but her incredible 

instructor was quick to remind her that she was capable of so much more than she even realized. That concept really resonated with this kid, and once she began to live that truth, the magic of her journey truly began. Today, Brooklyn declares that she is a Strong Warrior Princess, bounces with giddiness after completing her routine, speaks and lives with confidence and poise, and asks me everyday if it’s a “karate day.” Needless to say, our little yellow belt has been over the moon thrilled with World Champion Karate, and I tremendously appreciate the individualized program each child receives. The instructors sincerely get to know each child and his/her strengths, personalities and what they most effectively respond to. Thank you, Mr. B and Niki for an incredibly positive experience thus far. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.”
– Stephanie G.

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